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ST Therese


ST Therese have been working on sustainability by reusing rubbish by have a fashion show called trash n fashion were kids have to make their own clothes out of reused materials.

We went and asked a 1/2 purple kid name Ava Dooley some questions.

Q: How do you think the school is going by being sustainable?

A: Good, because there is not much rubbish around the school and we also we have water tanks to store, drink and save water. I like the

Q: Are you sustainable at home. If you are tell us how you are sustainable?

A: Yes, I use the rain water tanks to water the plants and drink with out of. I also bring food containers to reduce the rubbish I use at school.

Q: What do you think we could do to help the school?

A: People should stop brining rubbish to school and buying more containers to keep the rubbish level at our school low.

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